MONOSEM quality


The quality has always been a main concern of MONOSEM. This is why when manufacturing, the greatest care is taken in the quality control of the products.

The experience


Throughout the world, quality and reliability are often associated with MONOSEM. This is the result of a certain know-how gained through more than 60 years of experience in agriculture.

Spare parts


Our spare parts department has available a large stock of original spares and accessories. So even after several years you will be sure to find the parts you require at your MONOSEM partners.

Re-sale value


The re-sale value gives a good indication of the quality of a product and its suitability to the market. So when you decide to sell your MONOSEM planter, you will appreciate its high re-sale value.


Savoir faire 005

The MONOSEM partners are specialists, capable of informing you individually with regards to precision planting and satisfy your requirements.