1945 to 1960 The transplanters


Edmond RIBOULEAU, blacksmith in Largeasse in the Deux-Sèvres (France), takes an interest in the problems of transplanting and takes out a patent for the PREFEREE transplanter.

The product is a success, it is further improved and becomes the SUPER PREFER, the only approved machine for tobacco transplanting. Manufacturing is industrialized and exports begin.

1961 to 1972 The precision planters


Early in the 60's a precision planter with a mechanical metering system by horizontal plate is designed together with a guidable cultivator.

Development on the planter continues with a special sugarbeet planter with a metering system by vertical cell wheel. Manufacturing increases, a second factory is built in Largeasse and sub-contracting is widely developed.

1973 to 1988 The pneumatic precision planters


The pneumatic precision planter is launched and obtains the silver medal at the International Farm Show in Paris. The Microsem attachment for the distribution of microgranulated products is launched together with the SUPER CROP self-guiding cultivators.

Michel RIBOULEAU takes over from his father Edmond RIBOULEAU at the head of management in the company.

1989 to 1993 The new generation of planters


The New Generation pneumatic planters NG and NG Plus are brought on to the market.  The NG Plus inaugurates the system of planting with double disc openers in Europe, today's market reference.

Caroline BERGERE (née RIBOULEAU) joins the company as General Manager and Dominique BERGERE as Export Manager.

1994 to 1998 Development of the range of products


A new mechanical planter for pelleted sugarbeet is introduced – the MECA 2000. The special pneumatic MS vegetable planter is launched. The transplanters are further developed with the introduction of the UL model specially designed for leeks.

The cultivators are equipped with a hydraulic steering system.

1999 to 2002 Launching of the NG Plus PRO planter


Launching of the NG Plus PRO planter with press wheel which improves the seed germination and plant emergence.

NG Plus and MECA planters improve for even more reliability, robustness and precision of sowing.

Caroline and Dominique BERGERE take over from Michel RIBOULEAU at the head of the company.

2003 to 2007 Launching of the NX planter


New NX planter is exhibited at the SIMA 2003. It is specially designed for sowing in Low-Till or No-Till conditions.

Further development is made on the planter range, MONOSEM designs a frame with variable inter row spacings : Extend.

The mechanical range of planters is further developed and the MECA V4 is launched.

2008 to 2012 A new offer of frames


At the same time as the launching of the NG Plus 4, MONOSEM proposes new frames to satisfy the demands of farmers (High Capacity fertilizer, limited transport width, easily adjustable, …).

MONOSEM tests planting with the Twin-Row in Europe and launches the WingFold frame with the new NX 2 metering units.

2013 to 2014 Launching of the Monoshox range

The Monoshox metering unit range is exhibited at Agritechnica 2013. Available on NG Plus and NX, this metering unit range offers "the MONOSEM quality planting at higher speeds" thanks to the Monoshox.EU suspension with shock aborber.

2015 Opening of the MONOSEM training centre

Monosem introduced its new cultuivator range, MULTICROP, during  SIMA 2015. Sturdy and versatile, it is used for cultivating row crops.

At the same time, in order to offer all the necessary know-how for an optimal machine performance, MONOSEM opened a training centre dedicated both to distributors, technicians and users of MONOSEM machines.
The building dedicated to training is composed of 3 training rooms and a 700m² show-room.

During  Agritechnica 2015, MONOSEM exhibited its new planter and fertilizer ranges with electric drive : Monoshox NG Plus ME, MECA V4E and front-mounted fertilizer with electric drive.

2016 MONOSEM joins Deere & Company

The RIBOULEAU MONOSEM company joins the Deere & Company group. The company thus has a privileged access to new technologies whilst retaining its brand and colours.