CS 30 upgradable seed monitor and ISOBUS TOUCH Pro terminal

Novembrer 2017 | New

MONOSEM completes their seed monitor offer with solutions from the basic seed monitor to the ISOBUS solutions such as the new TOUCH Pro terminal. These electronic solutions will be exhibited during the Agritechnica (Hall 11, Stand C54).


CS 30 Classic and CS 30 Comfort seed monitors

Fruit of a MONOSEM development, the new CS 30 seed monitors are intuitive and ergonomic. The handle, integrated into the monitor, allows handling all the buttons with the thumb in all circumstances. With its 4,3” color screen, this seed monitor can manage up to 18 rows.

The CS 30 is available in two versions:

  • The Classic version is a basic seed monitor with an hectare counter. Thus, the user is warned if there is no seed and has information about surfaces and speeds.
  • The Comfort version is a more versatile seed monitor controlling the seed drop passage (and indicating if there is an under or over population), the distance between seeds and the seed population. This version also has exclusive functions such as the fertilizer passage control, the Microsem rotation control or the turbofan speed rotation control (monitor sensors and sensors available on option).

Upgradable, the CS 30 Classic can be updated to a Comfort version thanks to an activation key! It is also equipped with a USB port for the updates.


ISOBUS TOUCH Pro terminal

The TOUCH Pro is an ISOBUS touch terminal with a 10” screen and an 800x600 pixels resolution giving the possibility to display different working screens at the same time. The TOUCH Pro terminal completes the MONOSEM offer of ISOBUS terminals. It differs from the TOUCH Mini and TOUCH terminal by its multiple connectivity ports (USB 2.0 port, Wifi, 4 video inputs). This ISOBUS terminal is compatible with the Universal Terminal (UT), Joystick (AUX-N), Documentation (TC-BAS) and Section Control (TC-CS) features making it an ideal terminal to control the electric planters and manage seed population and row cut offs directly from the tractor cab. The Terminal is ISOBUS certified by the Agriculture industry Electronics Foundation (AEF).


Already available, the CS 30 Classic and CS 30 Comfort seed monitors replace the old CS 1200 and CS 3000 seed monitors. The TOUCH Pro terminal will be available in limited quantity for spring 2018.