MONOSEM certified TC-GEO on their electric planter range

November 2017 | New

MONOSEM certified TC-GEO on their electric planter range

Even if the ISOBUS standard included the TC-GEO feature, until now, there was no method of certifying this function. Recently, the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) developed, thanks to a specific tool, a method to certify it. MONOSEM will be one of the first manufacturers to introduce tools certified TC-GEO during the Agritechnica (Hall 11, Stand C54).


AEF Certification: the guarantee of an optimal functioning

To date, the MONOSEM electric planters (with ECU S8000E) were certified UT, TC-BAS and TS-SC: the UT feature can manage the planter with all ISOBUS compatible terminals; the TC-BAS feature enables the automatic and continuous saving of all data concerning the work done; the TC-SC feature allows the automatic row cut-off control according to the GPS position and the desired degree of overlap. Without method to certify the TC-GEO feature, it was not possible to guarantee the correct operating of the intra-parcel management. Now, with this certification, MONOSEM ensures, on its electric planters, an optimal operating of this feature.


Intra-parcel management

Today, due to the TC-GEO feature integrated on electric planters (with ECU S8000E), the seed population can be managed automatically according to the planter position in the field. In fact, thanks to a recommendation map, downloaded on the ISOBUS terminal, the planter ECU can automatically adjust the seed population, for example, to the field potential. Depending on the terminal and its possibilities to handle several recommendation maps, it would be possible to manage, in addition to the seed population, the quantity of fertilizer and/or of microgranules. For the user, this feature enables optimization of inputs and yield.


Thanks to the certified ISOBUS features on their electric planters, MONOSEM allows users to move calmly forwards to precision agriculture. These features, including the TC-GEO, will enable saving of seeds and inputs whilst optimizing the yield