MS version V market gardening metering unit

February 2019 | New

MS version V market gardening metering unit

MONOSEM will exhibit on their stand at the SIMA show (Hall 6 – Stand F027) a new version of its market garden metering unit. Thus, the MS range, already composed of the A, B, B2, C, D and D2 versions is completed by the V version equipped with a shoe with double disc opener.


Shoe with double disc opener planting system

The lower ground tillage, also used in market gardening, sometimes involves working with plant residues. In these conditions, planting with shoe can provoke jams in front of the shoe and/or disrupt the seed-soil contact.

Thanks to the double disc opener, the V version of the MS unit allows an optimal planting in terms of seed-soil contact. The depth planting regularity is ensured by the balancing system: the depth control is guaranteed by the 285x65 front self-cleaning wheels, placed on each side of the double discs, and by the 2” self-cleaning closing wheels.

The depth can be quickly and precisely adjusted thanks to a hand wheel.

The MS version V has an adjustable pressure spring to improve the stability and the penetration capacity in more difficult conditions.

Like on the other versions of the MS range, the seed pressing is ensured by a cast iron press wheel with stainless steel coating.


Versatility and equipment

This new metering unit has the MS metering box which enables planting an important variety of seeds, with the precision that made its reputation. The metering unit conception allows a minimum inter-row of 25 cm.

From now on, the MS range is composed of 5 versions:

  • A:  single line planting (minimum inter-row spacing: 20 cm)
  • B (or B2 with press wheel): single line planting (minimum inter-row spacing: 14 cm)
  • C: double lines planting (distance between lines: from 5 to 7 cm) or on strips (minimum inter-row spacing: 20 cm)
  • D (or D2 with press wheels): double lines planting with 2 metering boxes (minimum inter-row spacing: 26 cm)
  • V: single line planting (minimum inter-row spacing: 25 cm)

The MS version V can be mounted on all the 5” frames of the MS range, whether they are rigid or folding. Thus it can be equipped with Microsem microganulators and/or fertilizers. The MS range planters can also have seed monitor, row cut-offs system (managed manually or automatically by GPS) and variable rate control. In this case, the ECU S7000H (managed from the cab via an ISOBUS terminal) controls the hydraulic drive of the distributions and allows a quick and easy change of the distance between seeds.


With this new metering unit version, planting vegetable in difficult conditions becomes possible. For season 2019, a limited quantity will be available.