Mixed frames

February 2017 | New

Mixed frames

Have a multi‐purpose planter with a quick and simple system to change the inter‐row spacing: that is the main advantage of the MONOSEM mixed TFC2 and Monoblock2 planters exhibited at SIMA 2017 (Hall 6 – Stand F027).



EasySlide sliding side plates

The metering units, fixed on EasySlide plates, can slide sideways using guiding units and an endless screw. Thus, it is possible to slide the metering units up to 250 mm, in the field, just with a spanner. This exclusive system, very precise and extremely robust, creates just a short off‐set (only 75mm) reducing as much as possible the overhang and has an automatic locking system allowing the metering units to keep their working position. Once the inter‐row spacing is changed, the non‐used metering units can be lift thanks to the hydraulic lift of the metering units system.


TFC2 and Monoblock2: frames designed for maximum versatility

The EasySlide plates can be mounted on the TFC2 and Monoblock2 frames. In fact, because of the front wheel units, the bar where the metering units are fixed is free, allowing their sideways slide. If necessary, the wheel unit tread can be quickly changed using the mobile wheel units. There too, a spanner permits unlocking the wheel unit, which is put on rollers allowing an easy slide.


Change a 12‐row sugar beet planter into an 8‐row maize planter in less than 30 minutes, changing of the discs included

Click here to see the demo in video

Mounted on a 6‐meter TFC2 folding frame, the EasySlide plates permit to change, in the field with just a spanner, a 12‐row planter (45 or 50 cm inter‐row spacing) into an 8‐row planter (75 or 80 cm inter‐row spacing). Thus it is possible to seed sugar beet, rapeseed, maize, beans, … with just one planter. Whether in 8 or 12‐row version, this planter is always floating at work, which guarantees a perfect following of the ground contours in all conditions. The EasySlide plates can also be mounted on a Monoblock2 telescopic frame: in this case, it allows changing a 6‐row planter (75 or 80 cm inter‐row spacing) into a 7‐row planter (56,2 or 60 cm inter‐row spacing). Thus it is possible to seed maize, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum, soyabean, … with just one planter.

MONOSEM’s answer concerning planter versatility, the Mixed TFC2 and Monoblock2 frames will meet the farmer’s needs, especially in terms of number of rows and inter‐row spacings, without compromise on the quality of the seeding and the strength of the frame. This system with sliding plates can also be mounted on other frames for specific inter‐row spacings (for seed production for example).