On-board hopper

On-board hopper
On-board hopper

The on-board hoppers ensure a regular and precise dosing of the fertilizer. Available in different capacities, from 85L to 1500L, they can be made of plastic or sheet metal.

The metering by auger (1), associated with agitators (2), ensure a regular dosing of the fertilizer. These augers in stainless steel are proposed with different pitches to meter exactly the required quantity.


The fertilizing unit with tines has an interchangeable tip. The fertilizing unit with discs is more versatile and better suited to low till conditions with trashy soils.

Fertilizing unit


Standart plastic hoppers:

  - 85L hopper
  - 175L hopper
  - 270L hopper






High-capacity plastic hoppers:

  - 700L hopper
  - 1000L hopper






High-capacity sheet metal hoppers:

  - 740L hopper
  - 1000L hopper
  - 1350L hopper
  - 1500L hopper

There are three types of drives for on-board fertilisers:



Standard chain drive










Drive with FertiDriveVM variable speed drive for simple and precise setting of the fertiliser application rate.










Electric drive FertiDriveVE:

  - Fertilizer with electric drive
  - Non-stop modulating directly from the tractor cab
 - Section cut-off (manual or automatic if the terminal is linked to a GPS antenna)