THE Easyadjust APP

With the help of EasyAdjust, you can easily adjust your row units, your distance boxes (seeding density), as well as your fertilizer, Microsem, and even combined Microsem!

With new available settings, the application aims to be as comprehensive as possible for an ever more precise use of your precision planter. After entering the characteristics of the planter (planter model, distance box model, row spacing, number of holes in the discs, etc.), you just need to specify the desired seeding density to determine the most suitable distance box ratio.

For Microsem and fertilizer, you just need to select the parameters related to the product you want to apply, the desired dose per hectare, and the planter parameters. The application will also indicate the most suitable drive ratio. Note that a library containing the most commonly applied microgranules is available to easily find calibration parameters.

New feature in the application: we now offer you the possibility to create a user account and save all your settings there to facilitate your next planting operations. Thus, all settings stored in your individual account will be saved, even in case of a change of phone. A simple reconnection to your user account will be sufficient !

An app designed to be usable by the majority of MONOSEM customers
This application is downloadable on Google Play and the AppStore. The display is available in 15 languages, including French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, etc. It is usable by the majority of MONOSEM customers, whether the precision planter is new or not.

MONOSEM has designed this app to provide its customers with an enjoyable way of adjusting their planters that can be used with most operating MONOSEM planters.

Mobile app mockup

the monosem+

An even more comprehensive app is available exclusively for the ValoTerra.
Find out more about this app and ValoTerra connectivity as a whole.