Full electric WingFold planter

February 2019 | New

Full electric WingFold planter

MONOSEM completes its electric planter range and will exhibit, on their stand at the SIMA show (Hall 6 – Stand F027), the full electric 8-row WingFold planter.




Monoshox NX ME metering units

This 8-row pull-type and folding WingFold planter has Monoshox NX Me metering units. Like on the other electric planter models, the metering units are driven by motoreductors via a notched belt. The whole is managed by the ECU placed on the planter and controlled, from the cab, via an ISOBUS TOUCH Mini, TOUCH or TOUCH Pro terminal.


1350-litre fertilizer

This planter is equipped with an 8-outlet fertilizer. The distributions are driven by 2 electric motors. The user can adjust the quantity of fertilizer from the cab, via the ISOBUS terminal. It is possible to stop fertilizing on half the planter rows by stopping one of the two motors manually or automatically via the TC-SC function.


Microsem MicroDriveVE

Concerning the microgranulators, the Microsem are driven by 3 electric motors. The Microsem units are managed via the planter ECU, controlled by the ISOBUS terminal and integrated into the planter control menu. The user can therefore adjust the dosing from the cab, cut off the product distribution manually or automatically via the TC‐SC function on the whole planter or on certain sections.


ISOBUS certification

Like on all MONOSEM electric planters, this planter has an ECU S8000E certified UT, TC-SC, TC-BAS,
TC-GEO by the AEF. Thus, the ECU can manage the seed population according to a prescription map already downloaded on the terminal. Depending on the terminal type, it is also possible to manage other recommendation maps for fertilizer and/or microganulates.


This new planter completes MONOSEM full electric planters offer. It brings comfort of use, improves the precision and allows optimizing the inputs.