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Monosem Eternity

March 2023

Choose the original parts !

The success of your sowing is conditioned well before entering the field! Indeed, a good maintenance of your precision planter will avoid you many discomforts during your seeding works. For optimum performance, choose the original part!

“Worn parts will result in poor seeding depths and seeds that are too close together, or even duplicates, minimizing yields by 10%.”

Remy Gueho
Pioneer Account Manager

When you know that a broken or even missing tip is responsible for an irregular positioning of the seed and therefore for a heterogeneous emergence, it is absolutely necessary to replace it!

Discover our refurbishment kits !

To help you before the season, we have designed refurbishment kits, specially designed for your planter.

There are 6 different kits, depending on your needs:

  • NG Plus burying renovation kit
  • Renovation kit for fertilizer disc burier 350mm
  • renovation kit Distribution box NG Plus
  • renovation kit Mechanical drive NG Plus
  • renovation kit Gauge wheel arm
  • renovation kit Microsem screw

Each kit is made of genuine Monosem parts. Designed to last, genuine Monosem parts take your planter to its highest level of performance. Maintaining your Monosem planter with original parts is to guarantee its longevity, its performance and its high residual value.

Tutorials for mounting your kits are available at any time, free of charge, on our YouTube page.

Your local dealer remains your best contact for any questions or orders !

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