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February 2023

The app that makes your settings easier !

The Monosem.EU and Monosem.US adjustment assistance apps are evolving! Discover now the new EasyAdjust application, for more ergonomics, ease of use and new settings.

The success of your sowing depends on the correct adjustment of your planter. Therefore, the new EasyAdjust app stands out as a great ally to help you define the appropriate settings for your machine.

Using EasyAdjust, you can easily adjust your row markers, your seed spacing gearboxes (seed density), but also your fertilizer, your Microsem and even the combined Microsem! With new settings available, the application is intended to be as exhaustive as possible for an ever more accurate use of your precision planter.

After having filled in the characteristics of the planter (model of the planter, model of the spacing gearboxes, inter-row, number of holes in the discs, etc.), all you need to do is indicate the desired seeding density to know the suitable adjustment of the seed spacing gearbox.

Discover the new app EasyAdjust ! 
apps settings assistance Monosem

New !

On the Microsem and fertilizer side, all you need to do is select the parameters relating to the product you wish to apply, the desired dose per hectare as well as the planter parameters. The application will also tell you the most suitable drive setting. Note that a library containing the most commonly applied micro granules is available to allow you to easily find the calibration parameters.

New on the application: we now offer you the possibility of creating a user account and saving all your settings there to facilitate your next sowing operations. Thus, all the settings stored on your individual account will be saved, even if you change your phone. All you have to do is reconnect to your user account!

The new EasyAdjust application is available free of charge and in 15 languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.) on Android and IOS. The Monosem EU and Monosem US apps will remain available for a limited time to allow you to familiarize yourself with EasyAdjust.

To find out more, let’s discover the press release :

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