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SeedStar M

July 2022

The ValoTerra is equipped with innovative ISOBUS-certified software for controlling and monitoring operations: SeedStar M. This intuitive software package is fully AEF ISOBUS-certified having passed a series of tests. It provides a genuinely intuitive means of metering management, and planting quality data is accessible in real time. Row-by-row monitoring is possible, and the system also includes hopper filling indicators for fertilizer and microgranules. It’s easy to edit settings, with just one tap required to change the planting density! The system also saves all settings for each input used.


Main features of the ValoTerra software:

  • Tramline
  • Target density
  • Actual density
  • Working speed
  • Hopper filling level indicator
  • Monitoring of planting precision (spacing coefficient)
  • Display showing metering quality (omissions, duplicates)
  • Public
  • Seed, fertilizer and microgranule rate can be controlled using the terminal
  • Settings library for all inputs (product calibration is saved in the software)
  • TC-GEO (variable rate control) and TC-SC (section control)-compatible for all products applied

You can now enjoy controlling and monitoring your fieldwork with our ergonomic and information-rich software.

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