Microsem microgranulators

October 2018

In an intensive microgranulators use context, MONOSEM develops solutions to simplify the Microsem adjustment.



Without chains or interchangeable sprockets, the MicroDriveVM allows quick adjustment and operating comfort. It has 2 speed levels to distribute from 3 to 25kg/ha, covering a wide range of use. The product distribution can be declutched independently from the planter.

This system is available, on option or retrofit, on all the pneumatic planters (NG Plus 4, Monoshox NG Plus M, NC) and on most of the mechanical planters (MECA V4).


Combined Microsem

The MONOSEM microgranulators can be used in one ramp version or combined (2 ramps) to distribute insecticide and helicide or microgranulate fertilizer at the same time. From now on, when the planter is equipped with 2 ramps, an independant drive of the 2nd ramp can be mounted on a wide range of models, with also the possibility of having a MicroDriveVM adjustment.


Corrosion resistance

The distribution by auger allows a regular dosing of the product for an optimal protection of the seeds. Moreover, the drop by gravity limits the dust forming.

Furthermore, the Microsem metering units, made from polyamide and with self-lubricating bushes and stainless steel shaft, are more resistant to corrosion: a very important feature in case of microgranulated fertilizer use.


Smartphone application

For a quicker adjustment, Monosem updated its Smartphone application (« MONOSEM.EU ») in order to have a direct reading of the microgranulators’ adjustment, depending on the product used and the quantity to be distributed. A list of the main products commercialized is proposed to the user.

Even if a control is still necessary, the calibration steps are thus simplified. This application can be used for microganulators with variator and also the ones with standard drive.


The new solutions and evolutions offered by Monosem on its microgranulators allow a better ease-of-use. They are available from now on, on new planters and also planters already in service.