Multi-purpose MultiSlide frame

November 2017

Multi-purpose MultiSlide frame

To meet farmers demands for multi-purpose planters, MONOSEM will exhibit, during the Agritechnica (Hall 11, Stand C54) a new range of frames named MultiSlide. Based on a sliding system of the metering units, it allows multiple possibilities to suit the different inter-row spacings.


Compact frame

The MultiSlide frames are available in 4m00, 4m50 or 6m00 working widths. Equipped with folding wings, these frames have a 3-metre transport width (2m55 for the 4-metre working width version). The hydraulic sliding of the metering units is possible thanks to a claw system on the metering units and rails integrated on to the frame. The metering units can slide on the whole width of the frame allowing multiple configurations possibilities.

This system enables a short off-set reducing the overhang. This reduced overhang combined with the limited weight of the planter allows use with middle-powered tractors. The frame has 2 front wheel units with wide 26x12 wheels on which the tread can be rapidly adjusted to suit the inter-row spacing (23x10,5 wheels without adjustment of the tread on 4-metre working width version).


Multitude of configurations

The inter-row spacing can be quickly adjusted by steps of 2,5 cm from 45 to 80 cm (depending on the configuration) thanks to an exclusive system of rod with a shaft locking system without pin. This system enables to have in permanence all the possibilities of inter-row spacings such as:

  • 300C450 MultiSlide frame: 6 rows at 75 to 80 cm and 7 rows at 50 to 60 cm or 6 rows at 75 to 80 cm and 9 rows at 45 to 50 cm (3-metre transport width),
  • 300C600 MultiSlide frame: 8 rows at 75 to 80 cm and 9 rows at 55 to 60 cm (3-metre transport width),
  • 255C400 MultiSlide frame: 6 rows at 75 cm and 7 rows at 50 to 60 cm (2,55-metre transport width).


Electric drive

The MultiSlide frames can be equipped with Monoshox NG Plus ME or NG Plus 4E electric metering units. Insecticide and/or helicide Microsem with MicroDriveVE electric drive are available on option. The metering and Microsem units are managed by the planter ECU and controlled from the tractor cab via the ISOBUS TOUCH Mini, TOUCH, TOUCH Pro terminal or another ISOBUS compatible terminal. Certified TS-CS and TC-GEO by the AEF, the planter ECU can manage the automatic row cut-offs and the variable rate based on a recommendation map. On option, the fertilizer is available with fertilizing units with discs and in front-mounted version.


In addition to those examples of configurations, the MultiSlide frames, associated with the variety of seeds compatible with the MONOSEM distribution, enable to answer the growing demand for versatile precision planters.  The MultiSlide frames range will be available in limited quantity for the 2018 season.