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July 2022

Press release: Launch of the ValoTerra

Monosem introduces three-dimensional electro-performance!

Monosem has made a splash with its brand-new generation of precision planters, which go by the name of ValoTerra!

With its new 56V architecture, 100% electric power supply and new patented metering box, the ValoTerra harnesses electrical power to optimize your planting performance! Three key performance areas have been defined, which Monosem has dubbed the three dimensions of electro-performance: eP1, eP2 and eP3.

eP1: Emergence and productivity driving profitability

The ultimate goal of planting is to ensure that seeds achieve their full potential. With its new metering box, the core of the ValoTerra planter provides all the precision required for high-quality planting. Its vacuum-based system allows a wide variety of seeds to be planted accurately and uniformly. And to switch crops, only the seed disc needs changing! This takes less than a minute per row!

The new metering unit is equipped with an outstanding planting system. Increased penetration capacity and limited mud spatter are guaranteed by the largest double opener discs on the market (450mm diameter) offering an acute angle of attack. What’s more, the adjustment mechanisms for each component in the planting system are clustered to enhance efficiency!

Thanks to all the innovations packed into the planting system, the ValoTerra unit is 2 kph faster than the rest of the Monoshox range!

 eP2: Smart solutions promoting sustainability

ValoTerra is equipped with key ISOBUS features including TC-SC and TC-GEO. Save up to 7% inputs with individual metering cut-offs! You can also optimize your yields using the variable rate control system.

The brand-new FertiSmart fertilizer system is equipped with smart technology. Its structure of fluted cylinders distributes a wide variety of fertilizers linearly even on sloping ground. Monosem Smart Motors (MSMs) are used to control individual distribution units and can be removed easily without any tools.

The new MicroSmart microgranulator stands out as a cutting-edge system for ultra-precision agriculture. It is efficient, accurate and sustainable! It is equipped with one distribution unit per row and two application lines enabling precision application of products to suit all crop itineraries.

eP3: Technology enhancing ease of use and operating pleasure

The ValoTerra is equipped with new ISOBUS-certified software for controlling and monitoring operations. It provides a genuinely intuitive means of metering management, and planting quality data is accessible in real time.

With the new Monosem Plus app, users can keep an eye and a finger on the controls of each ValoTerra metering box using their smartphones right next to the planter.

A whole new range of services is available to ValoTerra users through the web portal. In this cloud, the new Operations Center interface connected to the ValoTerra, provides users with a documentation tool enabling the transfer of agronomic data. Moreover, the ValoTerra is a connected machine thanks to JDLink. Monosem puts precision agriculture within everyone’s reach with a focus on two-way communication between machine and user via the cloud.

Finally, the ValoTerra features an exclusive maintenance system offering users enhanced ease of use. The hopper and metering box can be raised to a convenient height, so it’s easier to perform metering unit adjustments and maintenance.

Ultimately, the ValoTerra is a package of innovations designed for modern farmers who are prepared to meet the challenges of rapidly evolving agricultural practices!

A limited series of ValoTerra planters will be available for the 2023 season.

For all information about the ValoTerra and much more, visit:


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