Meca V4 product image

The MECA V4/4E unit boasts a planting-with-shoe system, making it the perfect metering unit for sugarbeet planting. It is designed to allow two depth control configurations: by front gauge wheel or balancing system. The key benefits of this unit specially designed for pelleted seeds are placement quality, depth consistency and emergence quality. In order to…

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MS product image

The MS metering unit is specially designed for planting vegetable crops. Its key benefits are excellent seed placement, consistent depth, outstanding shoot emergence, and ease of adjustment. Each unit is capable of planting a wide range of seeds with excellent results.

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NC product image

The NC unit is designed for use in traditional tillage conditions. The simple, heavy-duty NC Classic is ideal for planting crops such as maize and sunflower. In contrast, the NC Technic is a more versatile planter. Its modular design offers a range of opening control and furrow depth settings. Moreover, it can be used with…

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NG Plus 4/4E

NC Plus 4 product image

The reliable and heavy-duty NG Plus 4/4E unit can be used for traditional or low-till planting. It is easy to use and quick to adjust, providing you with a more user-friendly solution. The depth adjustment mechanism is intuitive and precise. It gives you high-precision control over planting depth even at low depths and with small…

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ValoTerra product image

The ValoTerra is the new generation single-seed planter from Monosem. The ValoTerra ensures that your land is used to its full potential while also protecting it. Given that the best yields depend on emergence quality, the new ValoTerra planter has been designed with precisely that in mind. Emergence quality combined with time-saving operating efficiency goes…

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Monoshox NX M/ME

NXM product image

The Monoshox NX M/ME is highly versatile without compromising on precision, allowing quality planting in challenging, low-till and no-till conditions. Equipped with Monoshox technology, it can handle any terrain seamlessly ensuring optimal planting and high stability.

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Monoshox NG Plus M/ME

NG Plus M product image

A winning combination for quality planting ensuring uniform and even shoot emergence at higher planting speeds. The Monoshox suspension system with shock absorbers works in conjunction with a wide parallel linkage offering rapid pressure adjustment to improve metering unit stability. It’s also easy to change the tip with its fast detaching system.

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